Saturday, May 07, 2011

Endings and Beginnings

I finished the Nightsong Shawl and blocked it on a bed. It is soft and lightweight and I'm very pleased although I have nothing in these colors. I still have plenty more of this yarn and I'll put it away for now.
Two days ago I finished up some striped socks for Mac and he put them right on. Then feeling very thrifty, I reknit a toe for one of his old socks. I also took an old one of mine down past the heel turn and I'm reknitting a foot with some new yarn. It beats knitting an entire sock.

Now I must start another shawl and I'm trying to marry various yarn with patterns. My state of mind with Mac in and out of doctor's offices and the hospital plays havoc with my concentration and I end up tinking and frogging.

Sister Toni Andrews sent some photos of waves a few weeks ago and one has inspired me to make a Fair Isle cardigan in the colors, inky blue and golds. Knitpicks has some wool sport yarn that's perfect, but I live in Florida and an acrylic blend would be more practical. Maybe even a cotton acrylic, but the colors in that blend are just too wimpy to suit me. The sweater is in my head and I've just got to make it.


Delores said...

Oh my gosh this is stunning

Beetique said...

Love it!