Monday, February 01, 2010

Pretty Monkey Socks

I was in Hank's Yarn in Gainesville a couple of weeks ago and there was a new batch of Monkey yarn and I had to have some. Thursday I went in to the shop to unwind with the yarn and empty needles. I had downloaded Cookie A's Monkey Socks from Ravelry and had that with me. I was thinking about Magic Loop, but I wanted 40" circular #1's and they were on back order. So I tried two circular needles, but after about 6 rows it was obvious that I was having ladder problems with this pattern so I switched to some old double pointed needles.
I love the pattern and the yarn and finished up the first one during the Grammy Awards last night. the one change that I did make was to continue the pattern down through the heel flap. I'm back in the knitting groove.

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