Sunday, November 08, 2009

I've Strayed, but Knitting Again

August and September were a wash as far as knitting went. I just couldn't bring myself to knit.
Mac was in the hospital twice this past Summer and had a toe removed after an infection in September. His foot has to be bandaged twice a day and that's one of my jobs. The medicine messed with his diabetes and now that's back in control. He still has lots of pain and that seems to be getting worse despite the pain killers.

Thursday night I finally finished his boring charcoal gray socks and he put them on immediately and was very pleased. I did part of a row on my shawl, but my concentration is definitely off. Friday we went into town and I bought the other hank of Malibrigo for my shawl and a Cookie A sock pattern at Hanks Yarn. I have plenty of sock yarn to be used up so despite the temptation of their wonderful stock of sock yarn, I didn't buy any. Not that I had the money anyway.

I wnt through my yarn and needles and settled on Socka Disco color by Schoeller & Stahl that I've had for a couple of years. It's aqua with gray and some metallic silver. Got the first sock started last night. I'm knitting with size #2 Addi circular. My #1 just aren't very good and I'm not buying more needles right now.

At an antique show last weekend I found a big cone of rag yarn, wool and cotton. Not too clean, but might make a great sweater for my brother or nephew or niece. Might even try out the knitting frame that I've had for more than 20 years and never used. My old knitting machine spoiled me. It's long gone, but I could make most anything with it and expect more than speed with the Bond frame.
I promise not to neglect this blog, but you can find me on Twitter under floridayankee if you really want a day to day, stitch by bitch look at my life.

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